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Location: Building D, No. 6, Huanping Road, Gaoqiao District, Pingdi Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China 518117 P.R.C
Bio: Toppo Lighting company limited is one of the professional manufacturers which specialize in developing, producing and selling

LED Lighting. As a worldwide LED manufacturer, We have various series of LED lighting which include: LED Panel Light, LED

linear light, LED tri-proof light, LED batten light, LED trunk linear system, LED Tube Light, LED Down Light, LED Ceiling

Light, LED tro?er, etc.

All of our products were widely used by our customers in the followitng ?elds: Commercial Lighting, Industrial Lighting,

Education Lighting, Architecture Lighting, Indoor and Outdoor Lighting, LED City Lighting, Stage Lighting etc. All the

products have UL/CUL/ETL /CETL /DLC license for North American marketing and the TUV/VDE/CE license for European marketing.

Under the growing in these years, We not only have the advanced production machines & ?xtures, but also, set up our own

engineering laboratory which can do all the safety testing. Such as: the Photometric testing, EMI testing, EMF testing, Surge

Testing, ESD testing, IES testing.

In order to achieve the high quality and capacities, we not only use the auto-SMT and auto production assembly line and also

use the auto-matic aging machine to meet high quality level. Our monthly production capacity increased, LED panel exceed

60,000 pcs, LED Linear and batten exceed 80,00pcs. The other products exceed 30,000-50,000 pcs for each series.

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